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Database for Star Trek Ships

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Database for Star Trek Ships is a summary of information of starship classes/types, shuttle classes/types and other space constructions (e.g. stations, pods) of major races/groups in Star Trek Universe. Information consist of textual description and illustrations of selected object (where available).Races/Groups taken into consideration:-Federation-Klingon-Vulcan-Romulan-Ferengi-Cardassian-Bajoran-Dominion and Allies-Borg-Xindi
Database consists of 187 described objects along with 437 images. Images for only few ship classes are not available since they were never seen, only mentioned. Only ships, stations, shuttles etc. that were seen or mentioned in Star Trek series and movies were taken into consideration. Arbitrary ship designs were not taken into consideration.
All images can be enlarged by touching icons in "Class details" section. Some ship classes have more images, so you can scroll horizontally to see them all.
All ship names that were mentioned in Star Trek series and movies are listed.
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Please contact us for any misleading or missing information in database: